I am Mor maty seck from Senegal, a little country in west Africa.
The Africa continent, with its huge demography is highly affected by unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases , particularly Aids.
That is why I have given my contribution against these deseases.
Today , thanks to my skills in jewelry , I have create a new condom called Oerectix. In (reality) this ideas comes to me because I have noticed that more than more men were doing unprotected sex because they don’t like the condom. In deed the using of traditional condoms. Hide many deficiencies that discorage and made many user to change mes mind.
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We have noticed that a product as indispensable as the condom reveals several obstacles for its use. One of the main concerns was that it
is sometimes difficult to put a condom if the man presents an untied erection.
This observation comes out by the opinions of several specialists, particularly anti-
AIDS communities in Africa and several users we have approache. With all using standard of the condom, it is recommended that men achieve a rigid erection before proceeding of its positioning.However in reality, not everyone has the potential to present a rigid erection at every time.This situation can provocate in man a constraint that may encourage him not to use the condom.
The concept of Oerectix was born to allow mainly men to use the condom easily and correctly without any mental
pressure even if the erection is not tense.

At this important stage, the softness of the device prevents the condom’s membrane from getting spoiled when unrolling on the penis. The round, light and light shape makes it easy to hold and manipulate, so that the user can pinch the end of the condom with one hand and unroll it with the other hand. The features of the device enables us to use condoms with ultra-thin membranes.



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Marketing and Sales Director

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