I am Mor maty seck from Senegal, a little country in west Africa.
The Africa continent, with its huge demography is highly affected by unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases , particularly AIDS.
That is why I have given my contribution against these deseases.
Today , thanks to my skills in jewelry , I have created a new condom called Oerectix. In fact this ideas comes to me because I have noticed that more than more men were doing unprotected sex because they don’t like the condom. In deed the using of traditional condoms, hide many deficiencies that discorage and made many user to change their mind.
Among this deficiencies, I note mainly:
-the fear of  lack of performance during an erection during the long break that must be observed to put on a condom
-having to put on a condom while the erection is not rigid
-a difficulty in locating the normal direction , threading and conduct condom
-a difficulty to pinch the end of the condom and drop it down by the other hand.
-a lack of sensitivity due to the barrier that the condom represents.
The traditional condom gives a margin of error of only 2% for its protection against pregnancy and sexual transmitted deseases but it seems to give insufficient protection which is due to the misuse in 13% of case .
Oerectix is a new condom with a soft membrane once placed at the center of a ring that serves it as an applicator to the condom.
How to use the oerectix applicator
The Oerectix applicator is a compact hollow ring flexible and soft. Then he penches the upper end of the condom ‘s cord to unroll it . At the end of the unfolding the two free ends of the ring are crossed to free the condom;
The user can also do not remove the applicator of Oerectix that can remain at the base of his penis .
My team and myself are very happy to inform you that the new Oerectix condom is highly designed to allow men to use systematically the condom. The systematically and correct using of condom by men can save million of life. Thus the new Oerectix condom allows to convice the men whom are refractory to the use of condom.
We have noticed that many men, when they start to put up the condom their erection can be weak.
When the erection of the user is not strong enough, it can be difficult for him to put his condom
The manual unrolling of the condom is slowered by the folds of the skin. This unpleasant situation for the user can make a bad positioning of the condom or a total low of his erection. With the new Oerectix condom, men who lose their erection while spinning a condom won’t no more have a problem. Its placement will be correct and comfortable because the unrolling method has as advantage do not hit the mechanism of the nervous system that directs the state of the erection. Break that you need to unroll a condom is no more difficult test. Quitely, Oerectix gives the faculties of mastery and apprehensions to use correctly the condom. Oerectix comes at the right time to allow the condom user to be satisfied with a very soft new one. It comes to be the perfect, quick, pratical and effective male condom . it replace the manual unrolling and then erase all the identified deficiencies. The Oerectix condom encourage men to use a condom and participate to stop the unwanted pregnancies and the spread of sexual transmitted deseas mainly AIDS.